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The Pleasure of Outdoor Living

  On a sunny weekend, I decided to make the most of the good weather and enjoy outdoor living in my backyard.     First, I opened the storage room and took out a folding chair and a small table, then placed them on the lawn.     Next, I picked some fresh flowers from the garden and arranged them in a vase to add a touch of color to my outdoor relaxation area.

  Sitting in the comfortable chair, I began to appreciate the surrounding scenery.     The courtyard had several tall trees that rustled in the breeze;     cheerful bird songs could be heard in the distance;     and the sun bathed everything in warm light.     This pleasant environment was truly refreshing.     Afterwards, I brought out books and magazines and quietly read in my outdoor relaxation area.Occasionally looking up at the blooming flowers around me also added to my enjoyment.

  When lunchtime arrived, I served homemade delicious dishes and enjoyed them with family members outdoors.     We chatted and laughed continuously, making our outdoor lunch an even more intimate time for sharing joyous moments together.

  As sunset approached, we lit a bonfire and sat around it enjoying casual conversations under starry skies or simply relaxing with music or closing our eyes for peace of mind - this relaxed atmosphere was truly intoxicating.

  Finally, before nightfall descended upon us, I tidied up all items and stored them back into storage room.
Before ending this outdoor living experience,I deeply felt calmness & joy that nature brings me through this experience which has given me deeper insight into outdoor living. It not only allows us to escape from city noise & pressure but also helps us re-evaluate what we have around us & cherish every ordinary yet beautiful moment.

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